This week we've mostly been...

If you've been here before, you may have noticed that we've tweaked our website design a bit. We've done this so the site works better on mobile devices. We've noticed from our Web Stats that an increasing number of people are using these instead of a Mac or PC, so we felt it was time we made them more welcome! We've also added this blog, which we'll update weekly with the latest developments.

Work continues on Charlie Hamilton James's new website

Charlie Hamilton James is an internationally recognised photographer and film maker, whose work has been featured in National Geographic magazine and on BBC television.

We've been commissioned to produce a website for him that will feature his work and allow users to order photographic prints (and more). The website is a co-production with design by Peter Poland and programming by Mark Steer, here at igeek. The site should be going live soon, so we'll post here when it happens.


It's that time of year when things start to pick up again after the new year. That means quotes, quotes and more quotes. Luckily we have an in-house FileMaker system that makes creating PDF documents a cinch. If you'd like one of your own...why not get in touch?

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