Content Management System-based websites

Once upon a time, when a website was built, it stayed built.

Changes to a website had to be done by the people who built the site. It was just too complicated for mere mortals to make changes.

That meant that every time a website owner wanted to alter content, or add content, or tweak an image, a phone call had to be made to the original web developers.

And of course, web developers don't work for free. And the cost of making changes meant that many business owners shied away from changing their website. And sites atrophied as a result.

Once a site is static, it rapidly becomes out of date. And as a marketing tool, an out of date site is no use at all.

Suppliers, customers, clients and the general public all need to be kept up to date, and increasingly, people turn to the web for the most up to date information.

So how to keep changing a site so it presents the latest news, but without incurring costs?

The answer is a website built on a Content Management System. A CMS allows a website's owners access to the contents of a site - its pictures, text, menus and so forth.

Changes can be made at the drop of a hat. Or even on a whim. It really doesn't matter, because there's no involvement by the web design company, so there's no cost - other than for the person's time who's making the change.

This means that websites can be bang up to date, with all the latest news, blog entries, features and the like.

There's a bonus too - search engines like sites that change. To a search engine, a changing site means one that provides relevant information. And sites that provide relevant information are looked on favourably by search engines.

So as well as maintaining a right up to the minute website, the owner of a CMS-based site is also helping promote their pages via better search engine rankings.

It's pretty much the ideal solution for most website owners - certainly for those who aren't confident in the land of raw text editing and FTP. After all not everyone wants to be a web developer!

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