Web design and development considerations

So, you're starting to create a website?

Here are some of the things you should be thinking about. In no particular order:

Overall website design: draw together a list of websites that you like. Why do you find them attractive or useful? Try and summarise what it is about each of these sites that makes them stand out for you. Is it the overall look ? Or the ease of navigation? Perhaps it's the content that you love? Or the way the content changes?

Your first step is to map out the site in terms of its pages and what each one will do. Try and plot out the user journey through the site, defining the site's goals and aims. What do you want your site users to do on your site? Is there a specific call to action that you want your users to be urged to take?

Then compile a light board of images. Do you want to use an illustrative style, or photographic? Will there be icons, and if so, what style will they be? Stock photography sites are a great place to start wen compiling images.

Copy text is an intrinsic part of any site, and is the stuff of search engines. If you want your site to be featured well by search engines, your text needs to contain key words and phrases that people might type into a search engine in order to find the product or service offered by your site.

Text of course needs to be grammatically perfect, well written and contain no spelling errors. Because your text will be on the web it needs to be snappy. In short sentences.

And even shorter paragraphs!

Alternatively, you can undertake but a few, or none of these steps, and let your web design company step in and lend their professional guidance.

Here at igeek we help all sorts of businesses plan websites, their content and their designs. We help clients with all aspects of their sites, from providing overall design to supplying copy.

Our expertise can make the difference between a site that sits in the wings, and one that shines, centre stage.

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