Database design by igeek
Bespoke Development

Is there part of your business that you just know would be better handled by computer? Let technology take the strain and improve your bottom line.

Just about any business process can be improved and bettered by the use of a judicious database design with a FileMaker-based application. Whether it's working in the office or out on the road, an igeek solution can improve the way you work.

There's got be an easier way? Now there is, with a bespoke application from igeek.



Database development for iPad

Would you like technology to take the grind out of the every-day running of your organisation and leave you to improve your business?

With a custom application created specifically for you, you'll have the time to be more focused on your customers and spend less time in the background peering at the small print.

igeek specialise in software development for every sort of business and organisation. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements or download our PDF brochure to read more about bespoke systems.

You'd be surprised at the number of instances when software is more efficient than humans.

igeek can create business software for you that will handle some or all of the following: invoicing, production, stock control, marketing and customer relations.

We are a database development company with years of experience helping companies work better with an FMP Pro application.

Control sales, invoicing, production and stock levels from one place and give yourself the time to develop your business according to your vision.

Plus we can integrate your website with your business systems allowing customers and suppliers to interact directly with your company over the internet. Database and website integration brings real results.

Whatever your company does, igeek can create a bespoke software system that will make your business grow.