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FileMaker and Web Integration

Integrate your application with the web

If you need FileMaker and the web to talk, you need igeek. Put your database on the web!

Web & FileMaker integration

Web-enabled software

In-house software in isolation? Now, reach your data through any web-enabled device.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to allow access your in-house software over the web?

Now your FileMaker database can be accessed over the internet by a web browser on any device.

FileMaker-powered websites

igeek are specialists in providing database to web integration services for FileMaker systems, that allow websites to post and retrieve data from a FileMaker system and vice versa.

From simple systems that allow a web view onto one or two chosen fields, to full database availability online, igeek can provide the integration services that your business needs.

A FileMaker web application or FileMaker Go application can bring your services online to allow remote working, on-the-road work practices and a simple browser-based interface.

igeek provided a reliable and flexible service when adding SQL database communication to our Filemaker database.

Roger Blackmore, Everything Environmental