icon representing FileMaker Go mobile development by igeek, Bristol, UK
Run Databases on your iPhone and iPad

We can blur the line between the office and the road, with FileMaker Go on the iPhone and iPad. Your data can be available wherever you are, whenever you want to work.

With full access to your databases, you can view and edit, right from your iPhone and iPad. Users can see the same view onto your data from the desktop or out of the office, so every employee can work on the road.

Complex business data, graphics and detailed reporting are all now available on your mobile devices.



Filemaker Go on iPad and iPhone

FileMaker Go is an application which enables the use of FileMaker databases on the iPhone and iPad.

With FileMakerGo, you can view, edit and search the records in your database from your iOS device.

FileMaker Go databases can be run locally on your mobile device or you can connect to a remote database hosted by FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro. You'll see your record changes occur in real time.

Imagine greeting customers in person and being able to access their records via an iPad. How about visiting a customer and using your iPhone to access purchase records? You'll be able to alter the status of your projects while on the move and track shipping schedules even though you're not at the warehouse.

FileMaker Go is the ultimate solution for mobile database access.

igeek are FileMakerGo developers based in Bristol and London, UK, who have accumulated a significant amount of experience with remote database usage.