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Mobile applications using FileMaker Go

Filemaker Go on iPad and iPhone

With software written for FileMaker Go, you can view, edit and search for information from your iOS device.

FileMaker Go is the ultimate solution for mobile database access. What’s more, it’s a free download.

Your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can communicate in real time with other systems, or work offline and then synchronise bi-directionally when connection is re-established.

iOS development alternative

FileMaker Go is quick and cheap to develop for, compared to traditional iOS development. Standalone apps or add-ons to existing software can be swiftly created and put into use in any situation.

Use as a standalone application or in tandem with another application or database - you choose.

Why not use your iPad to work at home or on the road? Or take onsite surveys or collect data on your iPhone. A mobile app gives you the freedom to work where and when you need to.