Other Services offered by igeek
Additional Services
Web Hosting

We offer rock-solid hosting that's highly resilient to attack and viruses. We back up every site we host to ensure your website's smooth, uninterrupted running. More...

Web Statistics

As well as showing you how popular your site is, our free web stats show you which sites your visitors came from and how many pages they've looked at, plus a host of other useful figures and facts.

Email Hosting

Access your igeek-hosted email through your favourite email programme or via webmail. All accounts are protected with antispam and antivirus systems.

Pictures, Movies and Text

We'll happily source professional images, movies and copy for your projects as well as multimedia materials.

Domain Registration

Register your domain names with us*. Domain names are typically your business's name followed by .com or .co.uk, or you might want to choose a name that reflects your business: ibiza-timeshares.com. We're happy to advise you on any choices you might make.

*Please note: .uk domains are subject to Nominet's Terms & Conditions